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Family Mommy's Boy

Family Mommy's Boy


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Mar 12, 2023
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Ann sat in the old rocking chair slowly moving back and forth while her baby fed. The room was hot and stuffy. Flies buzzed against the dirty windows. Pizza boxes littered the floor together with old beer cans. Cigarette butts fell out of the overfilled ashtray and it smelled of cat piss.
She loved this part of being a mother. Some of her friends preferred to bottle feed their children but Ann felt that was wrong when she had milk. She adjusted her position and little John cooed happily as he filled his little stomach.
“Are you done yet? I want to watch my show,” Brenda asked her daughter who looked up with a smile, and said, “In a few minutes he will be done.”
Brenda went to the fridge where she got a beer, drank half, and let go of a long burp. She leaned against the sink and watched her daughter. Well, one of the five kids she had. Ann was the youngest, just seventeen, but she sure was a horny slut. When she became pregnant, Brenda wasn’t surprised. It was what she had expected. Out here in the middle of nowhere, there wasn’t much to do for the youngsters apart from drinking and fucking.
Ann wiped her nipple with a towel got out of the rocking chair and carried little Johny who now was asleep to his crib. Just as she was about to put him down there was a knock on the door and then a crash. Within minutes Ann was sitting on her bed handcuffed and watching as a woman from the children’s welfare services carried her baby away. Ann cried and she heard Brenda screaming and threatening the two police officers and the woman carrying Johny out of Ann’s life.

18 years later
Hanna grabbed the iron bar between the two bedposts and let her boyfriend go to town. She loved how his balls slapped into her while his thick cock filled her wet and tight pussy.
“Oh fuck, Hanna, you feel so good.”
She slid a hand between her legs and rubbed her clit enjoying the sensation of Johny fucking her. His cock always grew a bit before he squirted and that was the final thing that got her over the edge. She pushed her round ass against his cock to get that last half of an inch of glorious dick inside her.
“Yeah, give it to me, fuck my pussy, fill it with your cum!”
Johny did just that and when he pulled out a few drops ran down her inner thigh. She slumped down onto the bed and lay there breathing heavily. Johny was an amazing lover. This had been her third orgasm and his second. He lay down beside her and they cuddled before he got up and took a shower. He had to be at his job at the burger joint in twenty minutes and she had to go to the strip bar where she worked.
In the shower, Johny gently washed his cock and balls. It was a bit tender after all the fucking they had done during the last few hours. Johny loved his girlfriend and was happy he had met her when she came in for a burger place before her shift. He never went to the bar where she worked and she had told him it made her feel good. She didn’t want him to see other men stuffing her G-string with bills.
When he came out, Hanna slipped by him under his arm and her boob brushed against his skin. Her nipple was hard and for a moment he thought about fucking her against the wall in the bathroom, but there was no time and his boss hated when he was late.
“I’ll see you later, baby. Have a good shift.”
Hanna blew him a kiss, bounced her boobs so he laughed, and then closed the door to the bathroom. Johny got dressed and then got on his bike which took him to the restaurant with just minutes to spare. His boss gave him a long look but Johny ignored him changed into his uniform and began his shift.
The evening shift was always busy. The restaurant was in a large parking lot where truckers would stop for the night before moving on the next day. Just a few miles down the highway was a major junction where they could turn in any direction to any part of the country. Apart from Johny, there was his boss, Sam who was the chef, and Clarice and Becky who took care of the tables. They were older than Johny and had taken him under their wings since he moved to the town fresh out of the orphanage. He had felt right at home and loved his job.
“How's that hot girlfriend of yours?” asked Becky while waiting for Johny to finish putting a burger together for her.
“Just fine, working.”
“You need to make an honest woman out of her. Get married and make some kids.”
Johny laughed and handed her the plate. “I’m too young for that and so is she. We are saving up to go on a trip.”
Becky took a long drag from her cigarette which she then lay down on the edge of the table in the kitchen. It was that kind of joint. There hadn’t been a health inspection in years and Sam didn’t mind the staff smoking as long as there were no ashes in the food.
When the rush was over around ten at night, John grabbed a beer and walked out into the cool autumn air. From the parking lot came music from one of the trucker's trucks and a few giggles and laughs from the hookers that frequented the place. Johhny lit a cigarette, took a long pull from the beer, and then an even longer puff on his cigarette.
“Excuse me. Is the kitchen still open?”
The voice was soft and quite deep for a woman. Johny turned and looked into the greenest eyes he had ever seen. The heart-shaped face was framed in auburn hair cut into a bob. The woman used the minimum of makeup but she was strikingly beautiful. She wore a short black leather jacket, a black t-shirt, and blue jeans with boots sticking out. Behind her stood a bright yellow 90’s Mustang.
“Nice wheels?” said Johnny.
“Thanks, so about the kitchen. I’ve been driving for an entire day.”
“Yeah, right, sorry. The kitchen is open until eleven. Just go inside and one of the waitresses will take your order.”
The woman turned and walked away. Johny couldn’t take his eyes off her firm round ass. Then he looked away feeling bad for fucking her in a quick fantasy. He loved Hanna and had no intention of being with someone else. But there had been something in the woman’s eyes, something that didn’t let him forget her. It felt like he had seen her before, or someone very similar. He threw the cigarette on the ground and finished his beer.
Clarice leaned against the bar eying the newcomer who had just sat down at a table for two by one of the windows facing the parking lot. “I’ve never seen her before?’
“Must be a new girl. You know how they come and go,” said Becky.
“She doesn’t look like a hooker.”
“Maybe she is one of those fancy call girls from the city?”
Clarice laughed which turned into a deep cough. “Shit, I’m dying here. Why would an escort come out here?”
“Fuck if I know, but she is at your table so scuttle over there.”
“Hi, I’m Clarice, your waitress this evening,” she said in a made-up voice.
The woman gave her a long look with her green eyes and Clarice stopped her fake smile.
“I’ll have a bacon burger and a glass of Rioja wine.”
“Rioja what?”
“It’s Spanish, do you, have it?”
“Hell no, we got beer and liqueur, no one ever asks for wine.”
The woman sighed. “Bring me a Perrier.”
From the vacant look on Clarice's face, the woman knew Perrier was out of the question. “Do you have a coke?”
“Yeah, sure.”
“One more thing. I’m looking for a kid, a young man. His name is Johny?”
From the kitchen window, Johny observed the interaction between Clarice and the woman. He could see she wasn’t happy about whatever Clarice said and when his colleague came back with the order she pulled him further back into the kitchen.
“She is asking for you, by name?”
“Impossible. Sure, we spoke outside but I never told her my name.”
“Well, she knows you. Go over there and talk to her. She doesn’t seem like the kind of woman who likes being fucked around with.”
Johny cleaned his hands dried them on his dirty apron and then made his way to where the woman was sitting.
“Hi, Clarice said you were asking for me. I’m Johny.”
She gave him a long look and then slowly nodded and gestured for him to sit down. He hesitated for a moment and she said, “Sit. We need to talk.”
When he was seated, she stared at him until he felt uncomfortable. “What do you want?”
“I was just looking at you. The last time I saw you, you had just finished sucking my tit and I was going to put you to bed.”
There was a long silence where John’s head was spinning around. No one at the orphanage had told him anything about his parents.
“How do I know you are my mom,” he asked quietly.
“You have two birthmarks. One just above your left asscheek and the other to the right of your navel.”
Johny’s jaw dropped. “Mom?”
The woman smiled and tears ran down her cheeks. “Yes, I’m Ann, your mom.”

An hour later, Ann and Johny met up by her car. He had told Sam who she was and to his surprise, Sam had let him finish early. As he walked out the back door, he had butterflies in his stomach. She was leaning against her car smoking a cigarette. He lit one for himself.
“So, where have you been for the last eighteen years of my life?”
She drew a circle in the dry sand with one foot before answering. I spent two years in juvie, then one year on probation. Luckily, I had a great PO who helped me clean up. I got my high school degree and went to college.”
“Cool for you, what about me? I grew up in a fucking orphanage, no one wanted me, no one cared about adopting me.” Johny wiped a tear from his eye and threw the cigarette to the ground.
“I’m so sorry, but they wouldn’t tell me where you were. I was an unfit mother, I used drugs and alcohol, and I fucked everything with a dick back then.”
Johny sighed. “Like those girls?” pointing at a couple of hookers talking to two truck drivers.
“No, I did it for fun, that’s how I became pregnant with you. I never liked condoms and I guess your dad spilled before he had time to pull out.”
“Who is he?”
She kicked a small stone. “He’s dead. He died in an accident a year after you were born. Not that he was useful, drunk most of the time, cheating on me all the time.”
“So, what are you doing here?” Johny asked.
“Not sure, to be honest. I found you because I began dating a guy who worked in the childcare system. He had contacts and finally, I had the location of your orphanage. There the staff wouldn’t tell me shit, but a few of the kids remembered you and that you had said you would move south when you turned eighteen. I drove all over looking for you until a trucker remembered seeing a guy that might be you, and that’s how I ended up here.”
Johny checked his watch. “My girlfriend, Hanna. She works over there and finishes in ten minutes. You can stay the night with us if you’d like.”
“What, she is a stripper?”
“Yeah, so what?”
“Nothing. I’ve done worse to make a living when I was younger.”
“How old are you?”
“Wow, you look great for an old lady.”

Hanna came out from the club and put on a shirt to cover her black lace bra. She saw Johny standing across the street talking to a woman which made Hanna frown. She wasn’t the jealous type but she didn’t like him talking to women as a principle. She trusted him, but not women.
When Hanna walked up to them, she noted she was older than them and that Johny had been crying.
“What happened honey?” she asked, concern in her voice. She put an arm around his shoulders and pulled him close.
“Hanna, this is my mom, Ann. She found me; can you believe that?”
Hanna stared at the woman and did see some resemblance around the chin and mouth. She put out her hand. “Nice to meet you, Ann. I bet you are happy you found your son.”
Ann smiled and said, “It’s amazing. I never thought I would.”
“Hanna, I invited Mom to stay with us. Shit, it feels weird saying, Mom.”
The two women laughed and then Hanna said, “Of course, Ann. We don’t have much space but the sofa is quite comfortable.”
Hanna got on Johny’s bike and Ann followed them back to their place. Hanna seemed to be nice and she was very pretty. Ann knew how life as a stripper was and hoped the girl would be able to find another way to make money, sooner rather than later.
“Here we are, welcome to our home. Kitchen is in there, that’s our bedroom, bathroom through there and this is the sofa bed,” said Johny and patted the sofa next to him.
“I’ll make some food, I’m starving,” said Hanna and went into the kitchen.
Ann looked around the small but cozy apartment. There were several photos of her son and Hanna taken around the town and also out by a lake. They looked happy together.
Johny went to get a couple of beers and signed for Ann to sit down. “So, what happens now?” he said.
“Not sure, to be honest. I didn’t think I would find you so I didn’t make any long-term plans.”
“There’s not much to do in this town and not many jobs, I mean if you thought about settling down.”
Ann drank from her bottle and said, “If it’s ok with you and Hanna I’d like to spend some time with you before I decide on what to do next.”
A few minutes later Hanna came back with a tray with several sandwiches. Ann declined since she had already eaten. When she had finished, Hanna excused herself saying she was tired and went to bed.
“God, I’m tired too. Standing on my feet all evening in that hot kitchen wears you down,” said Johny.
“Here, put your head on my lap and tell me what you want to do in the future.”
Johny felt a little uncomfortable doing what she had asked. She might be his mom but there was no connection to make him want to rest his head on her lap.
“Don’t be a baby, I won’t hurt you,” she said, noticing his hesitation.”
“Fine. Hanna and I want to get out of here, one way or another. There is no future here for us, and I don’t want her to work in that strip bar anymore.”
Ann stroked her son’s hair. It felt both weird and comforting at the same time. She leaned forward to grab her bottle and when she did her boob pressed against his face.
“Oh, sorry, sorry,” she said feeling stupid.
Johny giggled. “It’s ok, don’t worry about it.” Her boob had been firm without having implants. Hanna’s boobs were also natural but she was a lot younger than Ann so it was normal hers would be even firmer.
Ann asked him a few questions about his life during his stay and the orphanage and he answered the best he could. She continued to stroke his hair and it felt good. Different than when Hanna did it. It made him feel safe and cared for, a mother’s touch he guessed.
When Ann leaned forward again, she told him before so he turned his face to avoid having her boob push against it. This time it was against the back of his head instead which wasn’t that big of a deal. When she leaned back, he turned his face towards her, and for a second or two he saw in between the buttons on her top. She didn’t wear a bra and her nipple was hard. He quickly looked away.
Ann squirmed a little and knew she was blushing. Her nipples had turned hard when one of them had pressed into her son’s head. She had no idea why, but it was a nice and dirty thing to happen. He asked her about her time as a stripper and she told him a few stories. It had only been a few years earlier but it felt like a lifetime ago.
Ann needed to go to the bathroom so Johny sat up and when she came back, she had changed into a top and only had her panties on.
“Ready for bed?” he asked.
“Sure, if you need to sleep.”
“I like this, just you and I talking.” He got them two more beers and when he returned, he naturally lay down with his head on her lap. Her skin was warm and he realized she must have taken a shower since she smelt of his and Hanna’s soap. When he was about to ask her a question Ann leaned forward and he didn’t have time to turn away. Since she only wore the top which ended a few inches below her boobs her naked breast pressed against his face. Her nipple was hard against his lips and for unknown reason to him, he opened his mouth a little and licked it.
Ann froze at that moment. She had her hand on the beer and had been about to pull it towards her and straighten her body. Instead, she found herself completely still with her nipple between her son’s soft warm lips.
“Could you let go of my nipple, please,” she whispered.
She heard a soft wet sound and then she was free. Looking down at him he looked very guilty. “Sorry,” he said.
“You better be. That was not a very nice thing to do.”
“I know, I know, but something deep inside me made me do it. Maybe it’s the smell of your skin mixed with our soap.”
Ann nodded. “I guess smells as well as sounds will bring back memories, but you were just a baby back then.”
“You are right. Did it feel nasty?”
Ann thought for a moment. “Not really. I mean, men have sucked on my nipples before.”
“Mom, I’m your son, not some horny guy.”
She chuckled. “Yes, you are. It felt nice.”
Johny put an arm around her back and gently pulled her forward. Their eyes met and without a word, they closed them almost at the same time as Ann’s boob came closer to Johny’s mouth. He took it between his lips and sucked on it for a few seconds before taking it further in until he was sucking on her entire boob. His tongue played with the nipple and after a few minutes, Anna sighed deeply. “Johny, we can’t do this, it’s not right.”
He let go and she sat up. “You're right, Mom. I better go to bed. I’ll see you in the morning.”
Ann sat on the sofa finishing her beer while Johny went to the bathroom and then came back and closed the door to his and Hanna’s room. Ann put the beer away, grabbed her toothbrush and when she was done lay down on the sofa. The room was warm so she hadn’t asked for a blanket. She adjusted the pillow under her head and then closed her eyes.
The sun was barely over the horizon when Johny woke up needing to use the bathroom. That was beer for you, he thought as he walked the short distance to the toilet. He did his business and when he walked back, he saw his mother on the sofa. Her feet were towards him and she had one leg dangling over the edge and the other on the sofa, leaving her legs quite a bit apart. Her top had slid up exposing her right boob. Johny slowly moved forward hoping he wouldn’t wake her up.
He looked down at his sleeping mother. Took in her long firm legs, the soft curve of her pussy. No hair was sticking out so he figured she was shaved. It felt weird watching her with sex on his mind. She was a hot woman, that was for sure, but she was his mother. He thought that because he hadn’t grown up with her, she was just a woman. Ann stirred a little and turned around onto her stomach. Her perfectly round ass was there, in his face and he wanted to touch it. He waited a moment to make sure she hadn’t come awake and then knelt on the floor next to her.
He gently placed his hand above her knee and then caressed her thigh up towards her ass. Her skin was soft and warm against his palm and when his finger almost touched her crack, he moved it down towards her pussy. He felt the warmth from it through her panties and he moved the ridge of his hand a little so it pressed against her. She stirred and her legs came apart. He pressed a bit more and then moved his hand back and forth slowly. She mumbled something and then sighed deeply pushing her pussy against the ridge of his hands.

Johny’s cock was harder than ever before. He could feel the pre-cum leaking out and being soaked up by the fabric of his shorts. Ann moved and sighed again while he continued to move his hands against her pussy. He wanted to pull down her panty and feel her skin against his but he was too afraid.
“What the fuck are you doing?”
Johny looked up, scared out of his wits. His heart beat hard against his chest. Hanna stood on the other side of the sofa rubbing her sleepy eyes with one hand and pointing at him with her other.
“It’s not what you think,” he whispered.
“I’m not sure what I think right now. But whatever you are doing, stop it and go to bed. We will talk about it in the morning.”
John got up and walked straight to their bed where he lay down facing away from Hanna. He felt stupid, he was scared and he was ashamed. He knew he was in deep shit and had no clue as to how to get out of it.
When Hanna closed the door to their room Ann opened her eyes. Staring at nothing she took stock of what had just happened. She had come awake when John pressed the ridge of his hand against her and was about to say something when he began to rub her pussy. It felt so darn good after a long time without sex so she let him continue. She was also curious about how far he would go. When he had suckled on her nipple earlier, she had become horny but didn’t tell him. It was not right what they had done and having him touch her pussy was even worse. She lay in the darkness wondering how bad Hanna would chew his ass when she woke up. Ann decided to keep a low profile and not get involved in any argument.

“Please explain to me why you were playing with your mom?”
Hanna stood next to Johny who was having breakfast. Ann was not there when they woke up and she hadn’t left a note either.
“I don’t know, I already told you that.”
“That’s not good enough. Maybe she isn’t your mom, maybe she is some woman you picked up at the diner so you could fuck her?”
Johny put down his mug and turned. Looking up at Hanna he saw tears in her eyes and her lips quivered. “Honey, I promise, she is my mother and I’m so sorry for what happened last night. I honestly don’t know what came over me.”
“Fine, I believe you, but I won’t forgive you, not yet at least.”
She turned and went over to the sink to do the dishes. She wore a long red T-shirt that covered her ass. He knew that she didn’t wear any panties and while she angrily did the dished her ass moved seductively. Johny got up and moved up behind her. He cupped his hands over her boobs and pressed his cock against her ass through his boxers.
“Do you feel that? I only want you, honey, I love you.”
Hanna felt the outline of his erection and she giggled. She leaned forward a little so the T-shirt slid up giving him the okay he so badly wanted. She felt him pull down his shorts and then his cockhead was between her legs looking for her pussy.
She was wet and hot when Johny pressed himself inside her. He leaned forward so his chest covered her back and he massaged her boobs while thrusting. She adjusted her position a little and he helped her lift a leg so her knee rested on the sink. In this position, he could fuck her deeper which he knew she loved.
“Oh Johny, Johny, give it to me, fuck my pussy, fuck it hard,” she moaned.
When Ann walked in, she thought her son and Hanna were still sleeping since they weren’t in the living room but then she heard the sound of fucking and she smiled. She quietly moved towards the kitchen and peeked around the door frame. Johny was behind Hanna thrusting his cock into her pussy. Ann could see his thick cock wet from her pussy and how it stretched her.
“Hi, don’t let me bother you. I’ll just get some coffee and then I’ll leave you alone,” she said from the doorway.
Johny turned and his dick slid out but it was still hard. It looked so beautiful Ann couldn’t help herself but step forward until she reached him. She grabbed it in her hand and stroked it slowly and gently. Her thumb played over and around the swollen head and Johny moaned.
“What are you doing?” said Hanna shocked at what she was seeing. She had put her leg back on the floor and leaned against the sink. While watching her, Ann went down onto her knees on the floor and began to suck her son’s cock eagerly. She took him so far back that her nose touched his tummy.
“Hey, stop, stop!” said Hanna trying to break them up.
Johny put a hand on her chest and stopped her from doing so. “Let her be, she wants to suck my dick, and she can.”
“But, but, this is fucked up, she is your mother!”
“I know, and that’s the beautiful part. Just look at her, look how she enjoys every inch of my cock.”
Hanna felt anger, jealousy, and shock and all those emotions came over her in waves. She couldn’t take her eyes off Ann who was now playing with her boyfriend's balls, gently squeezing them and then teasing them with her nails. Her lips were tight around his shaft and her eyes were closed.
“Oh Mom, I’m almost coming, almost there, Mom.”
Anna pulled back and looked up at Hanna. “Can I take his cum, will you give me that pleasure?”
Hanna didn’t know how to respond to such a question. “Fuck, I..I don’t know.”
Ann went back to sucking, and this time, she did it faster and stroked the shaft at the same time. Johny’s legs began to quiver and he held on to the sink with one hand and the other he placed on his mother's head. He thrust his cock as far back in her mouth as he could and came.
“Oh god, oh Mom, Mom, I love you,” he moaned as he gave her three squirts.
When he pulled back, Ann took a deep breath and stood up. Hanna looked at her face which was flushed but there was no sign of any cum on her lips. She knew Johny shot large loads and she was impressed.
Ann hugged Johny and kissed him deeply on the mouth before saying. “That, my son was the tastiest cum I have ever tried.”
Johny blushed. “Thanks, Mom.”
Turning to Hanna he said, “Honey, I don’t want this to come between us. I still love you like crazy, I still want to marry you and see the world with you. Mom is back in my life and I want her to stay here.”
Hanna didn’t say anything at first. Then she took a deep breath, “I need time, Johny. I can’t decide anything right now. This has been a huge shock.”
Ann put her hand on her shoulder. “We understand and of course, take all the time that you need but I know you make my son happy.” Ann put her palm against Hanna's pussy. “You got such a cute pussy and I would be honored if you let me eat you out one day.”
Hanna slid past her and on her way out she said, “What the fuck has happened to my life. I’m surrounded by perverts!”
When she was gone Ann gently pushed her son against the sink. Her hand moved down to his limp dick and her fingers wrapped around it. “This feels so good, Johny, but it’s so wrong.”
He held her close while she began to stroke his cock hard again. “I know, Mom, I know. What do we do about it and what do I do about Hanna?”
“Hey, asshole and bitch. I’m leaving and I’ll be calling the cops on you.” There was a loud bang when Hanna slammed the door shut behind her.
“Well, I guess you know the answer to one of those questions,” said Ann without stopping stroking him.
“Uh-hu, fuck, I love her.”
“Yeah, I understand that, but she isn’t your mother, I am.”
“Ah, I know, oh fuck, I’m almost coming.”
“Yeah? Here, empty your balls in mommy’s hand.”
She gently held his cockhead in her hand while the other continued stroking him until he emptied his nuts into the palm of her hand. She played with the sticky liquid a moment before washing her hands in the sink.
“Mom, what do we do now? Hanna said she was calling the cops.”
“Pack a bag, and let’s get out of here.”

Three weeks later.
Johny lay on his back in the warm sand. He had a towel under him but the heat came through. He looked into Ann’s eyes and she met his gaze. His hands were on her hips and followed her rhythm as she rode him. She gyrated just a little and he sighed from pleasure. He loved it when she did that.
“Oh baby, your cock is amazing,” she moaned and left her mouth half open which meant she was on the verge of coming. They had fucked their way south and into Mexico where they would be safe from the authorities. They weren’t sure if Hanna had called them, but it was better to be safe.
“Oh baby, oh Johny, I’m coming, oh fuck, I love you!”
Her nails dug into his chest and her pussy squeezed his cock as her orgasm rolled over her. A few seconds later Johnny came and she giggled as his cum began to trickle out. After a moment she rolled off him and cuddled with his arm under her head. “I love it so much when you fuck me, baby.”
He kissed the top of her head. “And I love your pussy Mommy. It’s hard to believe that I came out of there. It’s so tight.”
Ann laughed. “Well, it was a long time ago and I do my exercises to keep my pussy nice and tight.”
They had been in Mexico for a week. They were staying at a surf center where people didn’t pay them much attention and they were just any couple on a romantic holiday. This suited Ann and Johny but she worried a bit about their future together.
“Johny, how serious do you think Hanna was about calling the cops?”
Being on an isolated beach they had decided to tan naked and that had led to the fucking. Johny looked at his limp cock with a drop of cum on the tip. “She might have, a girl with a broken heart can be very vengeful, I guess. On the other hand, what do the police have? A stripper’s story about her boyfriend and his long-lost mother fucking? I don’t think they will put much effort into a search.”
“What about the people you work with?” Ann had also noticed the drop and with a swipe she had it on her fingertip which she sucked.”
“They only know me as a hard-working young man who doesn’t drink or party. All they can say is that a woman came in claiming to be my mom.”
“So, you would say we are safe to go back?”
Ann had begun to stroke him and he became hard again. “Sure, Mom.” He rolled on top of her, grabbed her thighs, and put them over his shoulder. Then he pressed himself in until she moaned and her nails dug into his back this time.
They spent the rest of the afternoon fucking and swimming in the warm clear water. Johny was surprised at how much cum he had. The later squirts weren’t as powerful or as plenty as the first but still, a good tablespoon of hot creamy cum was produced and sent up his mother's pussy or down her throat, whichever she preferred. He wondered if she was into anal sex. Hanna didn’t like it that much but she let him do it for him to be happy.
On the way back to their cottage Ann leaned her head on his shoulder and held his hand. “Honey, I think we should go back.”
“Back to where? I don’t have a home and neither do you.”
When they reached the cottage Ann went inside, grabbed two beers from the fridge, and handed one to Johny who sat at the table on their deck. She leaned against one of the posts holding up the roof. The sun was setting behind her and Johny could make out the silhouette of one of her boobs with its pointy nipple. He wanted to suck on it but the look on his mother’s face told him something was up.
“Johny, I do have a home. I left it a while back, but the condo is still there. I guess my plants have died and the food in the fridge has rotten, but there is a place we could call home if you’d like.”
“Why didn’t you tell me this before?”
She drank from her beer and said, “Not sure, to be honest. I guess I was so happy to find you after all these years so home wasn’t on my mind. All I wanted to do was to be with you.”
“Is there anything else you haven’t told me?”
Ann looked out over the ocean behind Johny. The sun was setting and it was sparkling against the calm surface. “You have a sister.”
“I have a what?”
“Her name is Carla and she is seventeen.”
“How did that happen; you were in jail?”
Ann smiled at him and drank some more. “You know how much I love to fuck and there was this guard, who was cute. The rest is history.”
“Where is she now?”
“At school.”
Johny was confused. “What do you mean at school? Why did you leave her?” he was getting upset now, thinking she had abandoned his sister like she had him, or at least what he felt was abandonment.
“Calm down, she is at a very fancy boarding school. We don’t get along very well, so we only see each other for holidays. The last time we saw each other was Christmas.”
“That was like seven months ago? What kind of mother are you?”
Ann looked at him and then said, “Like I said, we don’t get along. Your sister can be quite the bitch when she wants to.”
He got up and grabbed two more beers and when he returned put them on the table but didn’t sit down. He stood close to his mother. “I want to meet her.”
“Sure thing. Once we are back at the condo it’s a short one-hour train ride to the school. I won’t be coming with you.”
He looked into her eyes and leaned in closer. She looked up at him and they met in a soft kiss. She moved in closer and wrapped her arms around him, holding him tight. They stood like that for a while, slowly rocking from side to side just holding each other.

A few days later they stood in line to cross the border into the States. The line was long and they talked and joked while they waited for their turn.
“Does she look like you?” asked Johny.
“Carla, of course.”
“Oh, right. I guess so, she is a bit taller than I.”
He smiled. “So, she is hot?’
Ann laughed. “Don’t get any ideas, handsome. Last I heard she had a boyfriend.”
“Oh good, then she knows what a good cock feels like?”
She punched his shoulder playfully. “I don’t think she is like you and me.”
The line moved forward and half an hour later it was their turn to show their passports. The officer glanced at Johny’s and handed it back to him almost immediately. When Ann gave hers, he flipped the pages back and forth looking at the several stamps.
“You have been to Russia, Colombia, Peru, and Spain in the last year?”
“Yeah, that's where I got the stamps.”
He turned in his chair and placed the passport on a reader. Ann looked around nervously.
“What’s wrong Mom?”
“Oh, nothing dear, nothing at all.”
Suddenly there were four customs officers and two policemen surrounding them.
“Ann Barker, you are under arrest,” said one of the policemen.
“What the fuck, she is my mom and she hasn’t done anything wrong,” said Johny confused and scared.
“Ma’am, please come with us. We don’t want to make a scene?”
Ann sighed and put her hands behind her back. “Honey, my dear son. When they are done with you, go and find your sister and take care of her. I might be gone for a while.”
Ann was led away and Johny was handcuffed and led to a different building where he was placed in a cell. “Hey, where did you take my mother? Let me out of here, let me see her!”
There was no answer and no one came to see him until several hours later. He was sitting on the hard plastic bench in his cell when the door opened and a large blond man walked in.
“Johny Norman?”
“Yeah, that’s me, who are you?”
“Jake Oswald. I’m with the FBI.”
“Where is my mother?”
Jake leaned against the wall. “Your mom has been taken to L.A. She has been charged with smuggling among other things.”
“What? That can’t be true.”
Jake sighed. “Listen, Son, I know you have recently come in contact with Ann, your mother but there are a lot of things she didn’t tell you about.”
“I guess.”
“For the last ten years, she has been part of a group that has been moving drugs and weapons around the world and she has been wanted for the last two years. It was pure luck we got her this time.”
“Why do you say that?”
Jake smiled. “Her name isn’t Ann Baker, it’s Charlie Strongbow.”
Johny’s head was spinning. “I don’t get it?”
“She gave you one of her many aliases, that’s all.”
“She told me I had a sister?”
“That is true. Here is the address of her school. Go and see here. But, just so you know, all of Charlie’s assets have been sealed.”
“Villas, condos, cars, boats, and even a small airplane.”
Jake opened the door and Johny followed him out into the harsh sunlight. “Take my advice, Son. Find your sister and forget about your mother. Charlie isn’t getting out of jail in her lifetime.”
“What about the court date?”
“Here, take my card and call me in a month, I might have news then.”
Johny took the card and watched Jake walk back into the building. Johny looked around and saw his backpack was leaning against the building. He grabbed it and walked towards the bus stop.
Two weeks later.
Johny smoked a cigarette while looking through the large iron gates. Behind them, a road wined itself between the large trees, and above them, he could make up a couple of towers. It was the fancy boarding school Carla attended.
“Yes?” the voice was metallic and came from a small speaker in the large wall surrounding the school.
“Hi, my name is Johny and I have an appointment to see my sister, Carla.”
The voice asked for her last name and for Johny to hold up his ID to the camera above the speaker. After a few minutes, the gates began to slowly swing open. While he waited, he saw a golf cart coming down the road. It stopped just as the gates were opened and the driver, a man in his late sixties waived for Johny to come through.
“Hi, I’m Greg, you must be Johny?”
“I’ll take you to the main building where your sister is waiting for you.”
It was a short drive and after being dropped off at the main building that looked like a castle Johny walked up the stairs. The door opened and a woman looked out.
“This way.”
The hall was huge with a lot of old paintings on the walls. A large staircase was in front of him but the woman turned left and walked through a few large rooms. They were mostly empty apart from art and a few sofas and chairs.
“The students are in class, that’s why it’s so quiet,” she said.
She opened a door that led into a smaller room. A young woman sat on a sofa in red velvet and when she saw Johny she got up and smiled.
“Wow, so you are my half-brother, Johny.”
He came closer and it was impossible not to see she was Charlie’s aka Ann’s daughter. “I am. Did our mom speak off me?”
“Sometimes she mentioned you and that she wished she knew where you were.”
The woman who had taken him to see Carla cleared her throat. “Ms. Carla is due in class. If you want, you can pick her up Friday afternoon and you can spend the weekend together.”
The woman walked out and waited for Johny just outside the door. Carla moved in and hugged him. Leaning in she whispered in his ear, “Did mommy fuck you too?”
Johny was shocked and it took him a moment to respond. “Yeah, she did.”
Carla giggled and pulled away. She winked at him. “Great, let’s fuck this weekend.”
When Johny was outside the gates again he got on his bike and put on his helmet. He would be back in a few days, and then he would get to fuck his half-sister. He wondered if she had already tried cock or if she was a virgin. According to his mother, Carla had a boyfriend but that didn’t mean they were fucking.
فورم وزٹ کرنے کے لیے رجسٹر ہونا لازمی ہے
فورم وزٹ کرنے کے لیے رجسٹر ہونا لازمی ہے
فورم وزٹ کرنے کے لیے رجسٹر ہونا لازمی ہے